Career Resurgence CD Learning Program

This program presents a proven method to inspire motivation, increase satisfaction, and improve employee performance. Career Resurgence! is a practical tool to assist your employees determine where they are in their careers and how to sharpen their focus on professional development.

Best of all, Career Resurgence! provides managers with a motivational tool that creates collaborative partnerships between employees and supervisors as they work collaboratively to meet organizational goals. Career Resurgence! positively affects the human line while improving the bottom line!

Here’s how it works.

Career Resurgence! is an interactive learning program that provides a unique perspective on the stages of a career life cycle. Research shows that virtually everyone cycles through these predictable career stages:

1) Rise and Shine
2) Vim and Vigor
3) Top of Your Game
4) Armchair Expert, and
5) Snooze Time.

Career Resurgence! also introduces a dreaded workplace character, the Dormido Virus, whose only wish is to latch onto a victim when least expected. "Dormido" is a cognate of the Spanish word for "sleep." The Dormido Virus causes complacency, poor attitude, diminished enthusiasm and outdated skills in the workplace.

Here’s how Career Resurgence! affects the bottom line.

The benefits of Career Resurgence! are enormous. Career Resurgence! provides numerous applications that will greatly assist any organization empower, engage, and effectively motivate and retain its workforce and managerial vitality.

Employee Satisfaction:

Workforce Retention:

Management Accountability:

Organizational Vitality:

Participants will enjoy their journey through this learning program as they understand their vulnerability to the Dormido Virus and the five phases of career vitality.

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