Rafael Colón, president of Voices Internacional, is a Latino entrepreneur who is fluent in English and Spanish. He is an author, master of ceremonies, keynote speaker, management consultant, certified facilitator, performance coach, and sports hypnotherapist. He specializes in helping executive leaders and their management teams to revitalize careers, achieve team unity, and sustain peak level performance. Mr. Colón speaks to public, private, and non-profit groups throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. He is a former Rotarian.

As a performance coach and certified hypnotherapist, Mr. Colón is recognized for stimulating amazing changes in his clients’ professional lives. Rafael’s personal coaching of Jose Cruz, Jr., major league baseball player, was highlighted in Sports Illustrated, The Seattle Post Intelligencer, and The Toronto Star. Cruz stated that "Rafael got me to see things in a positive light. He helped me look within, which really improved my performance."

As a facilitator, Rafael is applauded for ingenuity, effective use of adult learning principles, and creating enjoyable experiences for participants. Leadership and management clients often measure his success by the noted increase of respect participants show one another following his work. Rafael is valued for his ability to keep discussions on track while achieving dynamic interactions between all members of the team.

As a speaker, Mr. Colón is applauded for his energizing performances. He is a long-time meeting planner, organizer, and coordinator of successful major conferences, workshops, seminars, and training events, and former president of the Pacific Northwest Society of Government Meeting Planners (Professionals). He knows first-hand that professional meeting planners place great trust in their keynote speaker to set and sustain the pace for success. His attention to issues ensures that his message positively differentiates their events. He is a former member of the National Speaker’s Association and has the designation of Competent Toastmaster (CTM) by Toastmasters International.

As an author, Rafael’s book, Journey to Success: 8 Steps to Avoid the Career Dormido Virus, received the 1998 North American Book Exchange Best Business Book of the Year Award and the Best Self-Help book at the 2001 Latino Literary Hall of Fame Awards. The Spanish version, Viaje Hacia El Exito: 8 Pasos Para Evitar el Virus Dormido en su Carrera Profesional, received Second Place honor at the 2000 Latino Literary Hall of Fame Book Awards.  Rafael's publication, The Salsa Solution -- Adding Picante To Your Life, received the 2007 Best Business Book award from Latino Literacy Now.    

As a master of ceremony, Rafael has emceed numerous national association events including The National Association of Hispanic Publishers and the James Edward Olmos Latino Book and Family Festivals. He has hosted web broadcasting events and moderated author and speaker panels at national, regional, and local conference events.

As a government leader, Mr. Colón was the first Latino to serve as the Statewide Administrator of Washington State’s Career Executive Program and to be appointed to the Washington State Library Commission by the Governor of Washington State. His passion for excellence was twice recognized by the International Association of Personnel in Employment Security for advancement of professional education and personnel development in Puerto Rico with the Department of Labor and Human Resources.


"Rafael's commitment to developing human potential is outstanding. Rafael inspires new personal bridges with intelligence, insight and wit. He helps people really see and understand their achievements and inspires them to reach out to their vast potential. You will be inspired to take action after hearing Rafael speak."

Les Brown
TV and Radio Personality and Author of Live Your Dreams and It's Not Over Until You Win!


a a"Rafael has a unique ability to see qualities in people that they may not see in themselves.   He has the talent to bring those qualities out, and helps them become successful in ways they never imagined. Rafael has certainly done that for me. I hold deep respect for what he stands for - excellence in individuals."

Jan Thor
Federal Aviation Administration and Director, SGMP National Board