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Rafael Colón’s coaching technique enables people to quickly cut through the fog of uncertainty. Clients report that following their first session they’re able to see career options and opportunities unfold before them. Cut loose from pesky self-doubt, they’re able to focus on their driving force to achieve more, understand more, and to give more in return.

Rafael is a leadership development expert. He quite simply serves to stimulate fresh and imaginative perspectives for maximizing one’s own potential. His breakthrough technique of spontaneous dialogue, reflection, and action is designed to achieve just that — assist clients in their quest for personal success and enhanced quality of life.

Rafael welcomes your inquiries about his coaching services and flexible schedules designed to meet your needs.

Contact Information
Phone: (360)459-7228

a "Rafael taught me that nothing saps creative energy faster than negative environments. My personal life and my business have benefited immensely from his coaching. The key difference between Rafael and other wanna-be coaches is that he didn't offer me "magic" solutions. Rafael helped me find that creative spirit within myself!"

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