Journey To Success 
8 Steps to Avoid the Career Dormido Virus 

Awarded the Best Self-Help book at the 2001 Latino Literary Hall of Fame Awards!

Journey to Success outlines how you can achieve your career goals. If you follow eight easy steps to protect your career from attack by the deadly "Dormido Virus," you can achieve radiant career health that will last a lifetime. 

$15.95 Book - English or Spanish
$17.95 Book on audiocassette read by author


The Salsa Solution - Adding Picante To Your Life

Awarded by Latino Literacy Now as the 2007 Best Business Book!

The Salsa Solution is a lively parable for entrepreneurial success – with a Latino twist.  Learn important principles for finding direction and meaning in your career and relationships with this fun story. Follow buddies Juan and Al as they pursue their childhood dream, and revive their zest for living.

$14.95 Book - English


The Career Resurgence CD

The Career Resurgence CD Learning Program is an employee-centered interactive learning program that will accelerate your organization's ability to retain a competitive, productive, and highly satisfied work force.


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Journey To Success
Challenge from Rafael

You can have the exciting, fulfilling and rewarding career of your dreams! You can have an increased sense of personal control and freedom! And you can have all these things soon!

Enjoy the book and have fun with it. If you work conscientiously with its concepts, this book will revitalize your career and improve other areas of your life as well.

Do you believe these astounding statements are true? I more than believe them. I know they're true because I've proven them with literally thousands of people in seminars around the world. Even more importantly, I first proved them in my own life. And now I'd like to share my secrets for career revitalization with you.

I've discovered that every career goes through a predictable cycle (described in Chapter 1), much like an ordinary day. We reach a point of stagnation in the afternoon of our career, where we're vulnerable to attack by the deadly "Dormido Virus." (You'll learn all about this common workplace hazard in Chapter 2). If we don't take precautions to vaccinate ourselves, we become bored, bitter and expendable. On the other hand, if we follow eight easy steps for guaranteed virus protection (explained in Chapter 3), we lay the foundation for a lifetime of dynamic career expansion. The result is radient career health (ensured in Chapter 4).

My challenge to you is simply this: Give my system a try! Figure out where you are in the daily life of a career. Then faithfully carry out each of the eight steps for virus protection.

I am confident you will see immediate and lasting improvements in your attitude, your earnings and your career -- for a happier, more alive YOU!

Rafael Colón      

a "Reading your book was like a shot in the arm and could not have come at a more perfect time in my own 27 year career with government. I thank you...for helping me to restore my perspective and put passion back into my life and career."

Marilyn Hill
Atlanta, Georgia

"If you like The One Minute Manager, then you will enjoy Journey To Success.  This easy to read in one sitting book , unlike so many other management help books, provides its readers, especially me, a hard-hitting dose of self-diagnosis.  The book offers some insightful remedies and tips to rejuvenate one's outlook and management style to their fullest potential.  Take time to read it, I know it can help!"

Peter Andrews
Regional Director,
Illinois Department of Employment Service
Chicago, Illinois

"Journey to Success is great!   It's easy to read, innovative and practical.  With the help of your book, people will be vaccinated from the dreaded Dormido Virus.  Consider me a Dormido Virus buster."

Michiyo Montague
Settlement Alternatives
Tacoma, Washington
Atlanta, Georgia

“This book is a gem.  Don’t be fooled by how short it is—it packs a punch.  You’ll be uplifted by The SALSA Solution’s powerful and inspirational message—for your personal and professional success!”

Rossana Rosado, Publisher and CEO
El Diario, New York


“The SALSA Solution is a much-needed parable for the new millennium—simple, touching and powerful in a timeless way.  Virtually anyone can relate to these two Latino families as they deal with burn-out and change.  ˇViva la SALSA!”

Rueben Martinez, President
Libreria Martinez Books and Art Galleries